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Bhakta Sten

I (Yogindra dasa ACBSP) am enclosing a photo of bh Sten, who turned 80 yrs last December. Before he retired (as fireman in a small town a couple hundred km from the

Stockholm temple) he reluctantly bought a Bhagavatam from a sankirtan

devotee who visited his workplace.


Upon reading the Bhagavatam however, Sten caught fire and became a dedicated *bhakta* Sten! Sten begins his day with a

reading from Srila Prabhupada's books and has repeatedly read BG, SB and CC and taken copious notes and retains much what he has heard.


His "retirement" has for nearly two decades been total dedication to cover-crop gardening for Krishna. Due to circumstances, his direct service is limited to sending a monthly donation to the temple and sending a truckload of 1st class,home-grown organic vegetables to the

temple annually at Janmastami which he grows in his ordinary backyard (300 m2 including a 10 m2 greenhouse) in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The immense surplus of corn, cucumbers, beans, parsley, red beats, dill, carrots, potatoes, onions [sic], collard greens, kale, squash, pumpkins etc. which Sten grows, he contributes to a local community center which collects the equivalent of a couple of thousand dollars/yearly from selling his produce to neighbors/visitors. Sten's sole motive for this is BG 12.11: "If, however, you are unable to work in this consciousness of Me, then try to act giving up all results of your work and try to be self-situated."


At the end of the season last November, Sten wrote me as usual with his monthly cash donation (the equivalent of $50) to the Deities:


Translation from Swedish: "My agriculture service to Krishna continues. I covered the garden with wilted flowers, fruits and about 300 sacks of leaves and then a topping of fresh horse dung.


I collect empty milk cartons for planting in the Spring a variety of 30 kinds of tomatoes. Last year I sprouted about 1000 tomato plants and grew or gave away all of them. Every day I regularly begin with the prayer:

"O Lord Krishna! I pray to simply be engaged in Your service of cultivating nice vegetables and I pray to remain unaffected materially by my work so as to escape the belief that it is me who is cultivating!"


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