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The Garden Detroit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to transform vacant land into beautiful, productive and purposeful landscapes. Three other purposes around which we are organized, are to grow and provide food to low-income households, advance dietary education and eliminate racial injustice in relation to food issues.

We are currently operating a cut flower farm called Detroit Abloom, which includes two 10-week subscription programs where someone can receive a beautiful mixed flower bouquet once a week.


We dream big at The Garden Detroit. Our vision won us a coveted Kresge Innovative Project grant for our Detroit Abloom project. Part of this grant will be used to create a public gathering space complete with sanctuary gardens, a water-garden feature, a pavilion for various events and workshops, and storm-water catchment systems, all in the context of a cut flower farm. We are proud to be part of Detroit's revitalization by building community and spreading love.





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